Ascend solution enables industries to leverage sensitive data in advanced analytics, business intelligence and decision making without
a compromise on data ownership and privacy.

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Product Overview

Many organizations collect sensitive data about their operations, products, services and customers. This data is usually of sensitive nature but crucial in analytics for smarter decision making in order to improve services and for efficient operations. However, data privacy regulations are making access to this sensitive data a cumbersome process if not impossible with risk of hefty penalties if not fully compliant with these privacy laws and policies imposed by states and governments. Furthermore, enterprises are faced with continuous growth of sensitive data volumes and are challenged with higher costs of data storage and transfer.

Seeing a growing need to solve these challenges, ATS team of researchers put their expertise to work and came up with an innovative, unique and proprietary approach to make use of these sensitive data without:

Adept Tech Solutions Inc. is introducing Ascend solution with a new and innovative concept applicable to any industry dealing with sensitive data to solve all the aforementioned challenges through a unique and proprietary “Data DNA” approach.


Ascend enables sharing of sensitive production data by:

“Data DNA is a unique approach to enforce data privacy and protection regulations, governance, complementing cyber security, producing smart synthetic data and offering secure and cost efficient data exchange”

The Ascend solution amalgamates key aspects of active intelligence, statistical inference and data analysis through the vision of industry and academic experts along with the developmental prowess of highly skilled engineers and developers.

The scaling aspect is another strength of the Ascend solution which is independent of the type and form of reference datasets. It can upscale or downscale, an extremely large or an extremely small volume of reference data depending on the desired analytical goals.

Ascend solution empowers organization with additional capabilities to pre-process datasets prior to any data analytics or advanced processing through a wealth of data curation features that include but not limited to:

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